About Us

Marketing organizations today face myriad challenges and have even higher expectations

  • Increasing annual recurring revenue
  • Fulfilling expectations with fewer resources
  • Exploiting opportunities through digital transformation
  • Pivoting between virtual, hybrid, and in-person events
  • Providing innovative customer experiences
  • Managing data-driven course corrections
  • Executing with agility

You need a partner who can help you lead, dive in, and deliver

Rebound specializes in Marketing Acceleration™. When you partner with Rebound, you gain instant access to decades of experience across every domain of B2B technology marketing.

Our carefully curated team includes experts in product marketing, demand generation, Account-Based Marketing (ABM), SEO and SEM, digital presence, thought leadership, content marketing, metrics, and other disciplines. Tapping into this unique blend of skills enables you to leapfrog competitors’ marketing capabilities, even those at later stages of their growth.

Rebound Communications

Why Rebound?

For life sciences technology companies, Rebound is a marketing accelerator that activates growth so life sciences technology companies can improve their Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and make positive impacts on human health. Decades of experience in marketing, technology and life sciences position us as a one-of-kind partner and trusted advisor.

You are unique

At Rebound, we believe your Company, your life sciences technology products, and your culture require varying degrees of leadership and support at different times. We’re flexible and able to scale our efforts up or pull them back.

Your success is our priority

Our goal is to provide your marketing team with effective technology, process, and insights, so you’re always meeting your pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech stakeholders’ expectations. We understand that knowledge transfer is paramount to long-term success.

We help you fill your resource gaps

Early-stage life sciences technology companies look to us to lead and staff their marketing organizations. When the time is right, we can help you hire new marketing employees and transition the work.

In addition, when a new hire is not in the budget or when key members of your marketing team take a leave of absence, our team members step in and quickly integrate with your team, business, and company culture.

Mission critical and time-sensitive projects

As your priorities shift, urgency can become an issue. Rebound can swiftly deploy the right experts to lead special, mission-critical, and time-sensitive projects.

We will never waste your time

Our life sciences technology backgrounds and marketing expertise allow us to dive right into your business. We won’t waste your time or money on ramping up. More importantly, we start making an impact almost immediately.

Introduction to great partners

Rebound’s agile model enables us to recommend and onboard best-of-breed specialists and service providers like market research, digital, creative, and public relations partners, marketing automation, and social management applications.

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