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At Rebound Communications, we know that putting the right people in the right seats is essential to our success, and with the right people on board, anything is possible. The experience, integrity, and commitment that our employees bring to the table are key to our company’s growth, market presence, and our ability to help our clients stay a step ahead of their competition. By hiring the best people and helping them grow both professionally and personally, we ensure a bright future for Rebound Communications and for the people who work here.


At Rebound, we work with people in life sciences who are developing technologies to accelerate clinical trials, improve patient engagement, reduce patient risk, manage compliance. We work with people on a mission to improve human health. This is a mission we are proud to support.


Our colleagues ooze talent. As strategists, writers, designers, digital marketers, event managers, lead generation, and analytics experts, we thrive on our ability to learn and grow by working together. We are passionate about our work. We look for opportunities to inspire each other. And, we have fun in the process.


We understand that we’re all people with spouses, partners, children, parents, and pets. We have hobbies, play sports, and from time to time, we all need a break. At Rebound, we offer ways to help you enjoy all the people and activities you love while producing stellar work. Remote employment, flexible schedules, and a supportive culture help provide a work-life balance.


When it comes to leadership, we believe the emotional (EQ) is more important than the intelligent quotient (IQ)Our leadership team cares deeply about our employees, partners, and clients. They look for ways to enrich our lives with personal and professional development opportunities – and a good sense of humor.

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